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The Pearlfect Anniversary gift guide.

Traditionally the 30th Wedding anniversary was signified with pearls for their sign of purity, wisdom, and innocence.

In modern times this has been replaced with diamonds when pearl lost their popularity.

We want to bring pearls back into the limelight with these amazing pearl ideas for your 30th Anniversary. Mark the time with classic elegance or a new adventure with these top five ideas.


  1. White Lilies

Another sign of purity, white lilies are a brilliant flower for your pearl celebrations. With such a variety of types, which mean everything from innocence to peace to the joy of life, there is a type of white lily for every person The most popular for anniversaries is the Calla Lily which is used as a symbol of love.



  1. Pearl diving on the island of Tahaa in French Polynesia.

As one of the Tahiti islands, the island of Tahaa is known for its beautiful clear blue seas and white sandy beaches. Centrally located in the Pacific Ocean Tahaa is enclosed by a stunning coral reef. Tahaa is also known as the Vanilla Island, and it produces the most exquisite pearls in the world. The island is a true botanical beauty. But before you pick up a cocktail and feast on the mouth-watering coconuts, get your snorkel out and take a trip to the farm to pick your own oyster. Learn all about how pearls are made, graded, and harvested in a beautiful natural setting.


  1. Jewellery for Her

Classic gifts can be timeless with so many options to choose from as Grace Kelly said, "pearls are the queen of gems and the gem of queens". When we think of pearls, we automatically think of a simple string of a pearl knock lane or a simple stud earring. But there are so many options available Tiffany's has this stunning double pearl sterling silver ring which beautifully signifies the connection between two souls.


  1. Accessories for him

Not forgetting about the gentlemen, Fowler Watches have the amazing Timon range with the mother-of-pearl dial. This automatic watch with its simple Dane design is unique for every owner as each mother-of-pearl watch face will naturally have colour and pattern variations making each purchase one of a kind.


And finally…

  1. Well, our gift guides are pretty incomplete without one of our sundials. Combining simplicity and elegance our Pearl Anniversary Sundial® is the premium, long-lasting present you were looking for! Whether you place it on the table stand it comes with or you upgrade to include an outdoor stand this is the gift that keeps giving. Durable and withstanding, this sundial will remind your special someone of your 30-year achievement every day into the future.


Congratulations on 30 years from the team here at TMF. Please tag us in your comments and pictures so we can celebrate with you. We can’t wait to see how you have celebrated.



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