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Art Deco Line Style House Number Sign

Art Deco Line Style House Number Sign

Handmade in the UK from solid aluminium

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Stylish, bold, symmetrically designed with exuberant shapes - bring all the glamour of the roaring 20s to your front wall.

You may not make it onto the short list for ‘most notable Art Deco building in the world’, but you’ll have a good shot at ‘best on your street’. After all, this Art Deco style house number plaque, cast in solid English aluminium, is the height of sophisticated modernity.

Whether you go with just your house number or include your street name too, it’ll attract absolute admiration from every visitor.

What's in the Box

To match the slick black background, your new house number sign comes with black painted fixings. It’s what Le Corbusier* would have wanted.

* The man supposably behind the term Art Deco.


Just like Goldilocks, you’ve got three choices. They all come 0.5cm in depth, but width and height depend upon you.

Small – 15cm by 10.2cm with room for a maximum of three numbers.
Medium – 23cm by 12.6cm with room for a maximum of four numbers.
Large – 30.5cm by 17.6cm with room for a maximum of five numbers.

Care Instructions

Unlike the Chrysler building, you don’t need to scale unimaginable heights to keep your Art Deco sign clean and pristine. Before it leaves our workshop, we apply two coats of super protective lacquer to protect it from the elements, so you only need to give it a wipe every once in a while.

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