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Anniversary Sundial® Gift ‘Wonderful Years’ 2023 Edition

Anniversary Sundial® Gift ‘Wonderful Years’ 2023 Edition

Handmade in the UK from solid brass

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Hold it. Your search is over. That anniversary present you’ve been hunting high and low for has just been served up on a platter. A polished, high quality, handmade cast brass platter that looks a lot like a sundial.

Ok, it is a sundial, and although we wouldn’t recommend eating off it, we have witnessed stranger happenings. For the rest of you, our Anniversary Sundial with ‘Wishing You Many More Wonderful Years Together. Happy Anniversary 2023’ cast into the very fabric of the metal itself, will bring a tear to the burliest of blokes.

Mounted on a plinth outdoors or propped up on the mantlepiece, your name will pop into the lucky recipient’s mind every time they sneak a peek at the time.

What's in the Box

As well as a gnomon (yep, the triangular part of a sundial that casts a shadow has a name), all sundials come with a stand for displaying on a shelf and three matching screws. For outdoor mounting check out our Sundial Pedestal.


Measuring 16cm across by 7.5cm high, this is an anniversary gift that speaks volumes without cramping anyone’s style.

Care Instructions

Each sundial is handmade from real English brass, then coated in two coats of super protective lacquer. This means there’s never the need to re-polish ever again. This gift keeps getting better and better.

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