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'Bathroom' Door Sign

'Bathroom' Door Sign

Handmade in the UK from solid brass

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Why is it that towels never seem quite big enough when you’re caught looking for the bathroom?

With our solid brass Bathroom Door Sign, you’ll never leave your guests in a similar predicament. Instead, they’ll know exactly where to make a beeline for to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.

Although they may stop to approve of the quality of this bathroom door sign, and even reach out to touch the smooth surface…oops, there goes the towel.

What's in the Box

To help get your new door sign up ASAP, this sign comes with wood screws and brass finished screw domes to keep the design looking flawless. External fixings are not included, we figured most bathrooms are now indoors.


Measuring 12.5cm (5”) by 3cm (1¼”) this sign is just the right size to get your message across, even when mounted at the end of a corridor

Care Instructions

Polished to a fine shine, painted in a special QD8 outdoor quality paint and then coated in two coats of super protective lacquer. Leaving you with very little to do. Maybe a dust every once in a while, but that’s up to you.

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