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China 20th Anniversary Sundial® 2023 Edition

China 20th Anniversary Sundial® 2023 Edition

Handmade in the UK from solid aluminium

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Two decades of marriage. We all know what that means – china. Or does it? Because frankly we can all be guilty of having too many mugs.

Thankfully we’re not traditionalists when it comes to gifts, only in the crafting of beautiful solid aluminium products. Which is why our 20th Anniversary Sundial is a breath of fresh air for those who want to say congratulations, without being seen as predictable.

For the rest of you, we’ve not completely gone off brief – we opted for a superior emerald green finish as a subtle nod towards the 20-year milestone, plus it looks pretty good against the silvery aluminium.

What's in the Box


Measuring 16cm across by 7cm high, this sundial is just the right size to cast ‘Happy Anniversary. 20 Wonderful Years Together 2002 – 2022. China Wedding Anniversary’ into the very fabric of the metal itself.

Care Instructions

To lock in the shine and make emeralds green with envy, we apply two coats of super protective lacquer to each sundial. Not only does this protect the real English aluminium, it makes cleaning a ‘wipe n’ go’ situation.

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