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Vintage 'Staff Only' Sign

Vintage 'Staff Only' Sign

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GET THE PERFECT VINTAGE PLAQUE FOR YOUR HOUSE OR BUSINESS: Forget about plain boring signs! These Shabby Chic style signs for home or business are exactly what you need! Because it’s not just what you have to say, but how you say it.

VINTAGE SIGNS THAT ARE BUILT TO LAST: These top notch Art Deco signs are handmade in England. Forged in solid cast brass. Painted in an outdoor quality white paint and also have a 2 coat lacquer to preserve their polish they are extremely durable! You literally buy once and enjoy for life. No more cheaply made, printed plastic plaques and acrylic signs that feature awkwardly glued or fixed letters that can fall off! Our one piece casting Chic plates will never miss a character!

UNIQUE, STRIKING DESIGN THAT WILL IMPRESS: These beautiful Vintage signs feature an eye-catching Shabby Chic butterfly design which makes them the perfect addition to any traditional or modern house! Make them yours now and add a modern, vintage touch to your place. Includes polished fixings with each plaque.


Product Dimensions:

Width: 145mm (5¾")
Height: 92mm (3¾")
Thickness: 5-6mm (¼")


Aren’t you sick and tired of tasteless, boring signs?

Would you like to make sure your important message gets through to people with a little extra style and pizzazz?

The Metal Foundry Ltd. has the answer to your problem as it presents you with the best Vintage style signs!

Heavy Duty, One Piece Casting Construction That Are Built To Last

We take pride in the quality of our Chic signs which are carefully handmade in England.

Made of solid cast brass and featuring a one piece casting, these plaques are nothing like the ones you have tried so far!

What's in the Box

Our Vintage Shabby Chic Door Signs include stainless steel screws with brass screw caps to match your house address sign. The caps protect the screws & add a stylish finish.


Measuring 14.5cm (5¾”) by 9.5cm (3¾”) this sign is just the right size to get your message across

Care Instructions

Polished to a fine shine, painted in a special RP9 outdoor quality paint and then coated in two coats of super protective lacquer. Leaving you with very little to do. Maybe a dust every once in a while, but that’s up to you.

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