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Crystal 15th Anniversary Sundial® 2023 Edition

Crystal 15th Anniversary Sundial® 2023 Edition

Handmade in the UK from solid aluminium

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Looking for a 15th wedding anniversary gift? It’s crystal clear that you’ve come to the right place. And although we don’t have one of those spherical glass future predictors, we think it’s safe to say our Crystal Wedding Anniversary Sundial is something your recipient will marvel at.

The curves, the clarity, the durability – all achieved using high-quality cast aluminium, before being finished with a quartz blue painted background.

Proudly handmade in the UK by our team of skilful craftsmen, this sundial will stand the test of time, even if accidentally knocked over. Crystal on the other hand, not so much.

What's in the Box


Measuring 16cm across by 7cm high, this sundial is just the right size to cast ‘Happy Anniversary. 15 Wonderful Years Together. Crystal Wedding Anniversary’ into the very fabric of the metal itself.

Care Instructions

To lock in the shine and keep the crystal blue ‘glimmering’, we apply two coats of super protective lacquer to each sundial. Not only does this protect the real English aluminium, it makes cleaning a ‘wipe n’ go’ situation.

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