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Personalised 'Man Cave' Sign

Personalised 'Man Cave' Sign

Handmade in the UK from solid brass

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The biggest TV in the showroom. Seats you can barely get up from. A fully stocked beer fridge. You’re well on your way to creating the ultimate man cave. All that garage/shed/basement (delete as appropriate) is missing is its very own personalised man cave sign.

That’s right, men. OWN that man cave. Grab yourself one of our solid cast brass Personalised Man Cave Signs available in black, red, navy, green or purple, and take ownership.

Choosing what nickname you put on it? That’s up to you. But we’ve got every faith you’ll use the 12-character limit wisely.

What's in the Box

So you can return to enjoying your man cave ASAP, hand polished brass fixings for wall or door mounting are included.


10.5cm by 5.5cm. Not too big to seem like you’re overcompensating, not too small to look like you’re afraid to own it!

Care Instructions

Before your sign leaves our ‘man cave’, we apply a special QD8 outdoor quality paint and then coat it all in two coats of super protective lacquer. Meaning you only ever need to wipe it clean if you’re at a loose end, which is probably never.

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