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Sapphire 45th Anniversary Sundial® 2023 Edition

Sapphire 45th Anniversary Sundial® 2023 Edition

Handmade in the UK from solid aluminium

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When it comes to anniversary gifts, a little blue-sky thinking is occasionally in order. Perhaps even more so after 45 long years of gift giving. And while we feel your pain when it comes to getting this magnificent display of affection just right, the panic can stop here.

Introducing our Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Sundial, the answer to all your present purchasing prayers. Skilfully handmade in the UK, cast in solid aluminium and finished in a beautiful, brilliant blue for a sophisticated nod to its namesake gemstone, this is one impeccably designed 45th Wedding Anniversary gift.

So, all that’s really left to worry about is how you’ll go one better next year!

What's in the Box

As well as a gnomon (yep, the triangular part of a sundial that casts a shadow has a name), all sundials come with a stand for displaying on a shelf and three matching screws. For outdoor mounting check out our Sundial Pedestal.


Measuring 16cm across by 7cm high, this sundial is just the right size to cast ‘Happy Anniversary. 45 Wonderful Years Together. Sapphire Wedding Anniversary’ into the very fabric of the metal itself.

Care Instructions

Love endures, and so do our sundials. Two coats of lacquer will fully protect your solid aluminium sundial from even the harshest ravages of winter. What’s more, there’s no fading, no need to re-polish, and a simple wipe clean will have your sundial looking as good as ‘blue’.

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