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5 Ideas for your 45th Wedding Anniversary

45 years of marriage is an amazing milestone. With so many Anniversaries under your belt, what can you do to celebrate in style?

Forget your boring flowers and chocolates; we have the ultimate list for you.

Celebrating your anniversary is a beautiful event. So its super important to make the time to give yourselves a mini fist bump and appreciate that through thick and thin, ups and down, arguments and make-ups that you are still standing together. That is something to be proud of!

44 anniversaries, thinking of new ideas and new plans to mark the occasion can become a bit of a chore. You end up in a rut of meals out to the restaurant you go to once a month or that same box of naughty chocolates that you have been eating since your courting days.

It's time for a mix-up to bring that sparkle back!

Here are our 5 tips and ideas for the best Sapphire wedding anniversary ever.

  1. Trip to The Maldives
    With some of the most beautiful sapphire blue seas, The Maldives is a fantastic location to get that sapphire feeling. Go dolphin watching with a glass of something bubbly and enjoy immersing yourself in the deep azure. For those of you who are a little more adventurous why not try some scuba diving, snorkelling or even surfing (Age is just a number right! 😊)

  2. Sapphire Jewellery
    The most typical answer to the question ‘what should I buy for a sapphire wedding anniversary has got to be jewellery. But why not mix it up a bit and book a couple’s jewellery-making class? The perfect opportunity to spend time together while doing something creative and different. Mix it up a bit and make the item for your Significant Other while they make one for you.

  3. Gin Tour
    The Bombay Sapphire Distillery do tours and classes to get your senses tingling and teach you all about the world of Gin. Book a room in the lovely town of Whitchurch or one of the idyllic surrounding villages and have a weekend of Gin tasting, distillery tours and country walks.

  4. Hot Tub for the Garden
    Indulge yourselves with a treat to last all year round with a Blue Spa hot tub in your garden. Grab your cozzie, your gin and your speaker for your new party corner.

  5. Anniversary Sundial
    Well….!! This list was not going to be complete without a mention of us 😉 Our official TMF Sapphire 45th Anniversary Sundials are the best way to say, ‘I love you.’ Yes, we are biased but we are proud of our products. Walk out into your garden and remember this day over and over again. Available in 2 sizes you can supersize your gift and show your better half how much they are valued by you.

So?! What are you going to do with your 45th Wedding anniversary?

Congratulations from the team here at TMF. So please tag us in your comments and pictures so we can celebrate with you. We can’t wait to see how you have celebrated.





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