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When you give a gift or display an item on your front door you want to make an impression.

We do away with boring and create our own products our way that combine style with eyebrow-raising quality.

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Because your gift matters, it means more when it's handmade.

We pour decades of skill and care into each product so you are not buying soulless mass produced nonsense, but something real and crafted.

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Forged from recycled metal and completely recyclable is as honest as it gets.

Melted in our efficient electric-induction furnace and can be completely recycled in the future means nothing is taken away from tomorrows world.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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How long will my order take to arrive?

Standard orders are dispatched the next working day (at the latest)

  • UK deliveries are next day
  • USA & Canada are within 3 days
  • Rest of the World are within 4 days
  • International express shipping is available for delivery within 2 days

Personalised orders can take between 4 and 10 days for us to make. (Check each product for details) With delivery on top of this.

We can also ship to US PO Box addresses but these can only be sent with USPS so can take up to 28 days to arrive.

Why can't I see my custom product before I place my order?

While other websites save themselves time by making you design your order we honour our handmade approach by getting our designers working for you.

For our more complex products we create the artwork for you and send it to you by email for verification before we proceed to manufacturing. The product description will show which products we do this for.

We're happy to provide you with as many artwork revisions as needed, until we achieve the ideal design tailored to your preferences.

Why is polished metal the best finish?

Our polished brass or aluminium plaques are heavily lacquered which give the best protection from outside elements. This allows them to stay looking fresh and new for as long as possible.

Polished Metal offers the additional benefit of being entirely recyclable, as the material can be melted down and remade to create new products.

Plated products on the other hand deteriorate over time when exposed to outdoor conditions. The plating may develop cracks and flakes over time. Also the different metals used in its construction, result in a significant amount being wasted during the recycling process.

Cold cast metals like cold cast bronze do not consist of actual metals. Instead, they are a combination of resin and powdered metal. Due to their plastic composition, they are not suitable for outdoor use, as they are prone to rapid weathering and deterioration. They are also not recyclable and must be disposed of in a landfill.

I have a specific design or idea. Can you help?

Most certainly we can. As we handle all of the design work, pattern making and manufacturing all in house, we are more then happy to bring your vision to life.

Simply send your requirements to us via the 'Contact Us' page and we shall draft you some artwork and send through a detailed quotation. When finalised we will send a custom order link to complete your purchase.

Don't worry though as your order will still be covered by our usual guarantees and warranties.

Can I make changes to my order after I have placed it?

We highly prioritise customer satisfaction, and it is our utmost priority that every individual who purchases our products is genuinely happy with both their purchase and the overall experience.

If you decide to alter the wording or layout of your order, rest assured that you can simply inform us, and we will gladly re-create it for you.

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