About Us

In this busy age showing someone you love them is not with a new pair of socks! It is with your most precious things - Your thoughts and your love.
With your message cast into the very fabric of the metal itself your loved one will know the effort, you have made to bring your thoughts and your message of love to them.
People have burst into tears of joy when receiving one of our gifts. Not just because they can see the beauty and the craft in what we do but also because they can see and feel how much love has been poured into it by the sender. When was the last time one of your presents did that to someone?
We live in an age where a gift can be searched for and bought in a few seconds at a low price dictated by global markets. There is no labour of love in simply buying a generic off-the-shelf product that the recipient could have purchased themselves in a heartbeat. So in this hectic world, our time and attention are the no.1 most important thing. Creating a present that shows your love and your care for someone not only in the words you put but in the time it takes you to stop and think about that person shows them how much they mean to you. You are not just telling them how special they are you making it official. Because a plaque cannot be deleted, it cannot be changed and it cannot be denied. A plaque will last forever and so will your message to that special someone.
So the next time you are picking up some more talc for mum, or some new socks for Grandad stop and think "Is this how much this person means to me? I put more effort into choosing my brand of a mobile phone as I do this person that created me, raised me and loves me unconditionally."
So put back the socks, replace the talc and create something for them that they truly deserve!