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What to get for a 40th Anniversary Gift

Ruby, the Queen of Gemstones

A celebration of 40 years together is a beautiful milestone!

Gifts of love and gratitude are an important part of every anniversary for both you and your spouse. Whether you’re looking for a one-time gift or a continual reminder, we have all sorts of happy memories to share on your 40th wedding anniversary.

Even though ruby is known as the "Queen of Gemstones," it has a deep, historical connection between love and marriage. Ruby has long been the traditional gemstone for the 40th anniversary.

A single ruby is a perfect present to give to your husband or wife that will symbolise many years of wedded bliss. Its significance will be the focus of your celebration. The deep red colour of a ruby is symbolic of passion and love, while the vividness of its colour means beauty and high quality.

Whether you're buying a ruby anniversary gift for your sweetheart, for a friend or for a family member, we've got some great ideas on how to make this day extra special!

40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

With ruby anniversary gifts, you can show your love for years to come. Ruby is a precious stone that is symbolic of passion and love. It’s also considered the birthstone for those born in July, so it makes an ideal gift.

ruby wedding anniversary - 40 years married - gift ideas - the metal foundry

A simple necklace or bracelet is a timeless piece that will last through the years.

You can go for something simple, like an infinity symbol with a ruby in it, or choose something more intricate and personalised such as a heart pendant engraved with your name and wedding date.


ruby wedding anniversary - 40 years married - gift ideas - the metal foundry

Celebrate a special occasion with 40-Year-Old single-malt whisky

A gift that's as classy as it is splendid. 40-year-old single malt has a smooth aroma and taste and can be enjoyed straight. Or mix it into drinks like the traditional Whisky Highball or an Old Fashioned.


ruby wedding anniversary - 40 years married - gift ideas - the metal foundry

A Metal Foundry Ruby Anniversary Sundial

This beautiful brass sundial is the perfect way to commemorate an anniversary or birthday. Made in the UK from high-quality recycled metals, it is built to last for years of enjoyment. Personalise with any name to make this conservatory item unique and memorable.

Anniversary Gifts to Treasure

Each year of marriage is special. Whether you are traditional or modern, the anniversary gifts by year stand for something beautiful between you and your forever partner. Remember that this anniversary years gift guide is just the beginning of your journey.

It’s a great place to start, but once you find something you like, it’s important to do your research. Make sure it’s made by someone reputable and not just some random seller on Amazon!

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