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Custom Anniversary Sundial®

Custom Anniversary Sundial®

Handmade in the UK from solid aluminium or brass

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Love is…a one-of-a-kind gift. Not something that can be chosen from a shelf, but something that requires time. Time for you to ponder the perfect wording, and time for our highly skilled craftsmen to make a bespoke pattern, then mould, melt, pour, eject, clean, fettle and inspect. All so you can tell someone how much they mean to you, with one of our Custom Anniversary Sundial gifts.

Cast from either English brass or aluminium, finished in a choice of eight different colours and with room for up to 35 characters (including spaces) in two separate sections, your love will be cast into the very fabric of the metal itself.

Character limits are as follows;

Top curve: Up to 35 characters (spacing included)
Bottom inner curve: Up to 35 characters (spacing included)
Bottom Italics curve: Up to 25 characters (spacing included)

The sample shown is the font style we will use.

What's in the Box


Measuring 16cm across by 7cm high, or 25.5cm across by 12.5cm high, both our regular and large sundials are suitable for casting your bespoke Happy Anniversary message.

Care Instructions

Wipe n’ go. It’s really that easy. Before our sundials leave the foundry, we apply two coats of super protective lacquer to protect the aluminium or brass come rain or shine.

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