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Personalised Bumble Bee Door Knocker

Personalised Bumble Bee Door Knocker

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Introducing The Metal Foundry’s Personalised Bee Door knocker where bee-spoke meets elegance. Imagine a brass bumble bee gracing your door, not just as a symbol of charm, but as a canvas for your personal touch.

Tailor the wings of the bee with a unique message, your family name, or a nickname for your home. It’s a personalised creation that turns a door knocker into a unique statement. Your home deserves more than just an ordinary greeting, it deserves a personalised touch that reflects your family’s identity.

This beautifully designed brass bee door knocker stands out from the crowd with its unique intricate wings, distinctive gold body, and 3D backplate that imitates the bee’s knees. Giving it almost a sense of movement that the bee has landed on your front door.

Elevate your home’s exterior with the delightful and graceful charm of the bumble bee, offering an invitation to guests through whimsical elegance. Feel the weight of quality craftsmanship every time you raise the bee, signalling the arrival of guests. The satisfying thud as it connects with your door echoes the assurance of a welcoming home.

At The Metal Foundry, we take pride in our prompt service. To ensure timely dispatch of your door knocker, please allow 7 to 10 days for custom products, to ensure that we have designed and crafted the perfect product for you. Experience the swift delivery of our elegant, handmade, and sustainable products within the UK and worldwide.

For any assistance or to guarantee the timely arrival of your door knocker for those final home décor touches, feel free to contact us. Beyond offering luxury door knockers, we’re dedicated to crafting lasting memories.

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What's Included?

All of our door knockers come with:

  • The knocker itself
  • 2 x different lengths of studding to attach through most door types.
  • 2 x dome nuts and some washers. As they are bolted from the inside they cannot be removed from the front of your home.


Measuring 16.5cm (6½”) across
by 9.5m (3¾”) high, this door knocker is just
the right size to elevate your front door.

6½” (165mm) x 3¾” (95mm) x 1¾”

These knockers in brass weigh around 600grams (1.3lbs)

Care guide

The only thing you’ll find rusty here is our French. Because every single knocker we craft is fully protected with two coats of lacquer. Not only does this protect the metal and paint finish, there’s no need to polish it, just occasionally wipe clean if you feel the urge.

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