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Emerald 55th Anniversary Sundial® 2023 Edition

Emerald 55th Anniversary Sundial® 2023 Edition

Handmade in the UK from solid brass

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The green-eyed monster, it’s a terrible thing. Unless you’re the person who got that gift, the one everybody wishes they’d found first. Yep, our Emerald Wedding Anniversary Sundial really can bring out the worst in people.

 Thankfully the recipient will be oblivious to the background drama. Instead, they’ll be running their fingers over the high-quality cast brass sundial, lovingly handmade in the UK. They’ll also be admiring the emerald green finish that reminds them they’ve made it to their 55th wedding anniversary.

 Anyway, back to you, it’s a full-time job being this perfect.

What's in the Box

As well as a gnomon (yep, the triangular part of a sundial that casts a shadow has a name), all sundials come with a stand for displaying on a shelf and three matching screws. For outdoor mounting check out our Sundial Pedestal.


Measuring 16cm across by 7cm high, this sundial is just the right size to cast ‘Happy Anniversary. 55 Wonderful Years Together. Emerald Wedding Anniversary’ into the very fabric of the metal itself.

Care Instructions

To lock in the shine and enhance the brilliant emerald green we apply two coats of super protective lacquer to each sundial. Not only does this protect the real English brass, it makes cleaning a ‘wipe n’ go’ situation.

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