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Dog Personalised Memorial Plaque

Dog Personalised Memorial Plaque

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Nothing can replace the hole in your life left by losing someone special to you.


But with a memorial plaque you will be forever reminded of the love and joy that they brought you. Letting them live forever in your heart.


This Personalised metal brass plaque is fully personalised to you. With space for their name, birth and passing dates and a short message that you can reach out to them with, or something that will eternally remind you of them.

Includes painted brass fixings for wall mounting or attaching to the garden stake (If option selected). Alternatively select the Stonemasons fixings if you do not want any visibly fixings and-or the plaque is to be installed in a public place (Specialist installation service may be required for stonemasons fixings).

Plaque and fixings are fully lacquered for maximum protection outside or inside. 

Like all of our plaques this sign is handmade in our foundry in Leicester using the ancient art of sand-moulding.  So you are getting a proper traditional quality brass gift to show off.  Making it a great alternative to garden stone statues.


This solid cast brass metal personalised memorial plaque must be customised when placing your order. To send us your required wording please enter the following information on the order page. The limitations on the text are as follows:

<First name(s)> Up to 15 characters

<Second name(s)> Up to 15 characters

<Birth and passing date(s)> Up to 30 characters

<Your message> Up to 100 characters

Note that 'In Loving Memory Of' will always appear at the top.  If you do not want this then please add a note to your order at the checkout.

The Stake is 33.5cm (13¼”) long and is made from steel, so can be driven into slid earth before attaching the plaque to it.

Alternatively this memorial plaque is also supplied with 4 wood screws with black dome covers, so if you want to fix it to a wall, fence, gate or shed you can do that too.

Your custom memorial plaque is cast and hand polished to a fine shine before being painted in a special RP9 outdoor quality paint.  


What's in the Box

Includes painted brass fixings for wall mounting or attaching to the garden stake (If option selected).


Measuring 17.5cm (7”) by 12.7cm (5”) this sign is just the right size that lets you read your dog or cat message from a reasonable distance yet does not dominate your garden.

Care Instructions

Polished to a fine shine, painted in a special RP9 outdoor quality paint and then coated in two coats of super protective lacquer. Also the lacquer preserves the polish in the brass, meaning it will not tarnish and does not need re-polishing.
Leaving you with very little to do. Maybe a dust every once in a while, but that’s up to you.

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