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Art Deco 'No Junk Mail No Cold Callers' Door Sign

Art Deco 'No Junk Mail No Cold Callers' Door Sign

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GET THE PERFECT ART DECO PLAQUE FOR YOUR HOUSE OR BUSINESS: Forget about plain boring signs! These modern Art Deco style signs for home or business are exactly what you need! Because it’s not just what you have to say, but how you say it.

What's in the Box


Width: 180mm (7 & 1/8")
Height: 50mm (2")
Thickness: 5-6mm (¼")

Care Instructions

Polished to a fine shine, painted in a special QD8 outdoor quality paint and then coated in two coats of super protective lacquer. Leaving you with very little to do. Maybe a dust every once in a while, but that’s up to you.

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