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Fox Door Knocker

Fox Door Knocker

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Introducing our enchanting Fox Door Knocker, a masterpiece that captures attention with its distinctive pointy ears and fox-like gaze. Elevate your home's charm and set yourself apart in the neighbourhood with this unique addition.

Our doorbell knockers are handcrafted from solid metal, this door knocker not only showcases fine craftsmanship but also invites admiration from visitors. Watch as guests are captivated by the charm of the fox, transforming every arrival at your doorstep into an enchanting journey. This door knocker reminiscent of the fox’s abode, infuses your home with the mystique and warmth of the woodland.

This beautifully designed solid metal fox door knocker is a standout piece, boasting exquisite fox-inspired details and distinctively shaped ears. The fox’s head resonates boldly against the sturdy striker plate upon every knock.

At The Metal Foundry, we take pride in our prompt service. To ensure timely dispatch of your door knocker, please allow 5 to 7 days and experience the swift delivery of our elegant, handmade, and sustainable products within the UK and worldwide.

For any help or to ensure your door knocker arrives on time for those finishing touches to your home décor, please don't hesitate to reach out. We don't just provide exquisite door knockers; we're committed to creating enduring memories.

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What's Included?

All of our door knockers come with:

  • The knocker itself
  • 2 x different lengths of studding to attach through most door types.
  • 2 x dome nuts and some washers. As they are bolted from the inside they cannot be removed from the front of your home.


Measuring 11cm (4.3") across by 14cm (5½") high, this door knocker is just the right
size to elevate your front door.

4.3” (110mm) x 5.5” (140mm) x 2.3” (60mm) 

This Fox Door Knocker weighs
around 850grams (1.87lbs)

Care guide

Maintaining your door knocker is a breeze – we've applied
two coats of lacquer to shield it from all weather conditions. This not only
safeguards the metal and paint but also reduces the need for frequent
polishing. Simply give it a quick wipe, particularly after lively events or
festive gatherings, when your Fox Door Knocker has received plenty of

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